Miracle Lips

Miracle Lips Salve & Serum for Healthy, Beautiful Anti-Aging Solutions


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Miracle Lips Salve and Serum are the original corrective lip treatments for healthy, beautiful lips. These patented formulations fully penetrate with beneficial ingredients that counteract the harmful effects of common wax lip products. Wax dries and suffocates lip cells plus limits the normal exfoliation processes which cause fine lines and wrinkles.  Wax seals in dry, damaged skin.  Discover the Wax Free Difference.

Miracle Lips Salve targets healthy lips with maximum strength Propolis crystals and Tea Tree Oil.  Perfect balm for ailments such as cracked lips, lip rash and cold sores.  The Salve offers mild Propolis crystals that melts into a creamy butter in seconds. Helps exfoliate off damaged skin and accelerate turn over of new, healthy skin.

Miracle Lips Serum is a night and day Beauty Treatment for dry, chapped lips.  Perfect as a lip primer before applying lipstick, lip balm or sun screen.  Allows natural moisturizing butters and vitamins to fully penetrate below the lip surface for maximum hydration. Exfoliates dry skin and fine lines on and around the mouth bringing in younger, more beautiful skin faster.  

Formulated by Robert Heiman of Epicuren and HOLOCUREN.